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Assignment ContentThis assignment will provide you the opportunity to utilize th


Assignment ContentThis assignment will provide you the opportunity to utilize the knowledge you have gained thus far in DOC/714S. You will be engaging in a dialogic experience by interviewing 2 individuals to practice critical and creative thinking, noting implicit and explicit meanings of responses, cognitive empathy skills, and observations of facial expressions and body language.
Step 1: Interviewing and ObservingConduct a 10-minute conversation during which time you will engage the respondent in dialogue on the topic of communication in professional and/or personal life. Follow these tips when you conduct your 2 interviews:Your role is to engage the respondent in dialogue; make a special effort to employ maximum cognitive empathy skills.
Prior to engaging in your conversation, spend a few minutes generating questions to guide the dialogue. Consider beginning the conversation using a broad, open-ended question or inquiry such as, “Tell me about an experience when the communication process was effective.” Next, ask multiple follow-up questions. Examples include:
Tell me more about that.
How did you feel at that time?
What was the context for this communication related experience?
Consider the following areas to guide your observations during the interview process:
Body language
Fruitful or interesting moments
Evidence of cognitive empathy
Powerful moments
Emotions expressed
Immediately following each interview, make notes of the respondents’ answers and identify both the verbal and non-verbal communications observed.
Step 2: Sense-MakingAnalyze your notes and other data from the interviews.Identify any emerging patterns from both interviews (i.e., any common responses, phrases, key words, etc.).Write a 500- to 700-word paper discussing the overall impressions of the entire process and include your personal reactions to the process.Consider the following:Did this exercise change your perceptions on a specific area/topic?
How will you use this knowledge as you move forward in the doctoral journey?
When you do your research?
Was there any unexpected awareness that evolved from this exercise?
Substantiate definitive statements by using citations.Format your paper to APA standardsInclude a title page and reference page; use of the attached template is encouraged.Review the attached rubric to understand the assignment grading criteria.Submit your assignment
Requirements: .doc file