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Based on this week’s lecture, answer ONE of the following discussion questions.


Based on this week’s lecture, answer ONE of the following discussion questions. If you want, you can reference or cite the lecture slides and/or readings in your response (this is not required). Please keep your answers to 300-500 words. Please attach this as a word document or in the text box (please do not send a google document link, we will not grade those). If you want to cite readings & course material, please follow the same formatting, such as ASA citation format or APA. **Please copy and paste the question your are answering to the document/text box your submit, that way we know which you decided to answer*****Week 9 and 10 Readings:1. What is the double-diamond class structure according to Purruci and Wysong? What are the differences between the privileged class and the new working class? Can people from the working class climb to the privileged class? Why or why not?2. What are some variables that Keister studies in her research and why are they important to her findings on economic success? What is a critique of her analysis?3. How does Risman and why define gender as a social structure? How does gender as a social structure maintain inequality between men and women? How does gender function on each level: interpersonal, cultural, institutional? Please provide one example of how gender functions to maintain inequality between men and women on each level (e.g., interpersonal, cultural, institutional). Requirements: .doc file