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please see the file and read the instructions and respond to the following questions. Additionally, a response to one of your classmate’s discussion board posts will be required. For responses, contributions must be significant in order to receive points. “I agree”, “me, too”, or “good point” do not constitute significant contributions. Please make thoughtful responses to the posted questions and comments. This will help to enhance our online discussion. It is also important that we are respectful within the online environment. Respect your classmates’ opinions and refrain from posting rude or inappropriate content.A total of 10 points will be awarded, 5 points for your thoughtful answers to the discussion questions, and 5 points for your additional response to your classmate’s posts. 1. Can you identify what style in the situational model of leadership Jane should use for Carrie? Why or why not?2. Consider Jane’s leadership position. What task, subordinate, and organizational factors might serve as substitutes for leadership at Caffeine & Crullers
Requirements: .doc file