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Post 1- to 2-paragraph response to the following prompts:Share the social issue


Post 1- to 2-paragraph response to the following prompts:Share the social issue or problem you plan to explore in your Final Essay.
Using your sociological imagination, what do you believe might be some possible explanations for the social issue or problem?
How could you use your sociological imagination to bring awareness to other possible viewpoints or ways of thinking or acting related to the social issue or problem?
Describe your confidence level with writing your Final Essay. Are there any components of the assignment that you would like to better understand?
Refer to 2 specific examples from the readings provided or other sources you find. Be sure to include information about each source, including title, author, year, and page number. If you refer to concepts from your Interactive Units, note the unit and element (lecture notes, video, etc.) to which you refer.the social issue i chooseSocial issues found in education One of the social issues in education is classroom racism. While racism is still present in other aspects of society, it is becoming increasingly common in the education system. Some biased peers have prejudice towards their classmates of minority backgrounds. Teachers who are putting minimal effort in children from diverse communities contribute to the growth of racism in the classrooms. Another social issue is unequal opportunity. Unequal education opportunities for individuals from ethnic backgrounds form part of the education sector’s social problem. Bias in the employment of teachers who are colored or from an ethnic minority background is a social issue concern in the United States.
Requirements: .doc file