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STEP 1: Peruse your textbook for the following topics: Socialization Diversity a


STEP 1: Peruse your textbook for the following topics: Socialization Diversity and inequality Conflict, social change Social institutions Organizations Step 2 A. Once you have selected a topic from slide 1, think about how you could explain this topic from a sociological perspective.. Step 2 B. Select a theory below that you wish to examine for your topic: structural functionalism conflict theory feminist theory symbolic interactionism postmodernism Step 2 C. Choose a movie to review based on your chosen topic. Watch chosen movie on your topic. While watching, take notes on these questions: How does the movie reflect its social context? How does the movie distort social reality? To what degree does the movie shed light on common or universal social and human problems? To what degree does the movie provide evidence for or against sociological theory and research? To what degree does the movie connect biography, social structure, and history? Paper should be 2-3 pages. Writing Your Review With step 3’s criteria in mind, you are ready to begin your review! Your paper will need the following content: A brief, no more than a paragraph, summarize the movie. Main Body of the Paper: Tell the reader about the sociological significance of the movie, applying the five criteria from Step 3. This section should have the sociological significance of your topic and a sociological argument. For example, Wonder Woman is a strong example of feminism. Roughly two-thirds of the review should be devoted to this purpose. A creative title (if you use subheadings, use creative titles). Your paper MUST be in APA 7th edition for students. This includes a title page, internal citations, and a reference section. Student papers do not require an abstract. Click here for APA eBook. Your paper must have an introduction, a body of paragraphs, and a conclusion. Interweave your thoughts throughout the paper.