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You have a choice of three activities for this DB: Select one of these three cha


You have a choice of three activities for this DB: Select one of these three chapters and report on it in this DB (a report is a summary and analysis in your own words):EITHER:Option 1: Read: Carol Lotter & Werdie van Staden, “Verbal Affordances of Active and Receptive Music Therapy Methods in Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorder,” The Arts in Psychotherapy, 64, 2019, pp. 59-68 (linked to Content).OR:Option 2: Read: Sonia Bourdaghs & Michael J. Silverman, “A Neurological Rationale for Music Therapy to Address Social Connectivity among Individuals with Substance Use Disorders,” The Arts in Psychotherapy, 70, 2020, pp. 1-6 (linked to Content).OR:Option 3: Read: Heidi Ahonen, “Adult Trauma Work in Music Therapy,” in The Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy, ed. Jane Edwards (Oxford UP, 2016), pp. 268-83 (linked to Content).Discussion Board Post 3.1 (DB3.1): (deadline, December 28, 11.59pm) respond to the prompt in the forum. (At least 300 words.) *remember to post your DB3.1 to the turnitin link on Content as well as to the DB4 forum.Prompt: Having read one of the documents assigned for this session, share what you have learned from it with your classmates. Also, explain why you selected that document rather than one of the others. Discussion Board Post 3.2 (DB3.2): (deadline December 29, 11.59pm)
Requirements: .doc file