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Choose any company with HQ in Austria which is running a global business with of


Choose any company with HQ in Austria which is running a global business with offices and / or production units worldwide with possible. Investigate the possible expansion of new business units (production units, service locations or offices) – either to Mexico or India – and the opening of new sales representation offices either in The Netherlands or the UK. For the UK, the discussion is also if the sales office should be located in London or Edinburgh. Prior to making a decision to open new business units and sales representation offices, the CEO and CFO require all information about employment relations and legal frameworks and any information on trade unions and employment frame contracts etc. for these regions. From Austria, the company is used to deal with trade unions and to stick on collective agreements (Austria: Kollektivvertrag) and very strict regulations. They are therefore very much interested about regulations in the new possible areas. You are tasked to: 1) Analyze all four jurisdictions Mexico, India (for production units, service locations and/or offices), The Netherlands and the United Kingdom (to open sales representation offices) – reviewing parties to employment relations, including trade unions, collective bargaining and the role of the state. Please use Austria as a comparison. 2) Advise whether the CEO should decide for Mexico or India as a new site – provide detailed analysis about both countries regarding employment regulations. 3) For the planned sales representation offices (The Netherlands or UK), staff from Austria would most like be asked to move to one of these new destinations. A classical idea is, to use one sales manager from Austria as a support – this person should work there for the start up for around 2-3 weeks. Another sales support should stay there for at around 3-6 months. The Sales Director would be chosen from the Austrian HQ and will stay there for a period of 3-5 years. In addition, there will be at least 10 persons hired locally for various positions in the sales representation office. Advise for both countries and for each scenario the implications for the company. Also discuss in the UK the two possible destinations – taking into considerations current political events, collective agreements, salary levels and termination of employement regulations.