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Effective, efficient, and well-designed security architectures have three elemen


Effective, efficient, and well-designed security architectures have three elements: people, processes, and tools. These components collectively work together to protect company-wide assets. To align these components effectively, the security architecture should support company policies on management performance expectations, architecture implementation, and architecture enforcement. This enables the architecture to guide management so that decisions are aligned and consistent throughout the information technology assets.In today’s environment, the use of cloud computing has significantly increased as well as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. With cloud computing, security controls could be entirely dependent on cloud service providers. With BYOD, a number of vulnerabilities could be introduced into the security architecture since system/network administrators have little control over non-company-own devices.InstructionsIn 2-3 pages using APA guidelines, using credible sources from public web searches (such as Google or Bing), articles, journals, and your textbook to address the following: What are some of the security control implementation challenges in a non-private cloud environment?
What are some of the security challenges in relation to BOYD policy/implementation?
How do you overcome those challenges?
Requirements: .doc file