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I’m working on a communications writing question and need guidance to help me un


I’m working on a communications writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.Project Instructions:Essay question:Choose ONE of the following:1. How are racialised identities constructed and represented in the media? Critically assess by focusing on one medium (such as newspapers or online news, advertisements, or magazines).2. Are media representations of gender stereotyped? Critically assess by focusing on one medium (such as newspapers or online news, advertisements, or magazines).3. How useful is the ‘political economy of the media’ model in explaining media power and ownership in a global era? Critically discuss using two or more examples.4. Write a cultural analysis of a contemporary mobile media gadget of your choice. As well as drawing on recent relevant research, you are asked to critically engage with the cultural approach developed in the Doing Cultural Studies: The Story of the Sony Walkman (by Du Gay et al.).5. What is ‘media globalisation’? Assess the strengths and weaknesses of at least two differing approaches that explain media globalisation, using relevant empirical examples.6. How are social media supporting contemporary personal relationships? Drawing on relevant approaches and empirical research, you may focus on one or two of the following social groups to support your answer: teenagers; children; the elderly; family and friends; gendered or ethnic communities; or another social grouping of your choice.7. Are geolocational mobile media transforming sociality? You are asked to draw on and critically engage with relevant empirical research and debates to support your answer.8. With public concerns rising in response to digital market power, lack of accountability and lack of transparency among tech giants, are we now living in an age of ‘surveillance capitalism’? Use relevant academic approaches and evidence to support your argument.9. How are media audiences changing in the digital era? Consider relevant academic debates and examples to support your argument.10. What is the social shaping of media technologies and how does this approach contribute to our understanding of the rise of today’s media technologies? You should research and plan it by consulting academic books and journals, to demonstrate an understanding of the work of scholars in the field of media studies. The essay should demonstrate a thorough understand of the relevant academic literature in the field related to your chosen essay question. The essay should show evidence of a comprehensive understanding of relevant concepts and theories related to the essay question’s topic and how you apply them to explain the problem or issue indicated in the essay question. The essay should establish an argument (or arguments) through its focus, i.e. it should put forward an idea or ideas to be explored and discussed.Format:Ensure that you sign the cover sheet with your name, student number, and declaration that it is your own work (For the format of the essay: refer to the ‘Style Guide for Academic Writing’ document on the Canvas Community for your degree programme on your Canvas Communities). Place the essay question at the start of the assignment Title: the essay question is your title). Use double spacing and ensure a margin on either side. It is advisable to divide the essay into 3-6 subheadings to help structure the essay, for example: Introduction, Conclusion, and subtitle(s) of relevant key themes in between. Ensure that your essay is fully and correctly referenced. You should aim to include a minimum of 10 references in this work. asked to use the Harvard Referencing System) Please note that the quality of referencing, and the range and diversity of your bibliography will be a key factor in the mark achieved. Essay Plan Guidance:1. Introduction: State your aims and objectives:- State how you intend to answer the question; – State your broad focus;- Mention the key theories or debates to be addressed;- Mention any key empirical examples you are using to support your argument;- Explain how the essay is structured;- This section usually comprises 2-5 paragraphs.2. Key research, theories and debates in the field:- The main body of the essay should be divided into well organized, coherent and unified paragraphs. – Outline the main approaches, authors, perspectives, relevant concepts and theories related to the question that help to identify the key problems, themes and issues to be addressed.- Where relevant, include and critically engage with key empirical research that has been conducted on this subject matter to date (if it is a historical study then develop a historical dimension drawing on past as well as recent research on the subject matter). – This section is a very important section that outlines the subject matter, relevant questions and issues, and relevant concepts. It is a section that demonstrates clearly your understanding of the subject matter, your understanding of the relevant debates in the field and any appropriate concepts and theories that key authors in the field have developed.3. Argument- Your arguments must be supported theoretically. You must therefore cite any additional sources (academic journals or books) that support your ideas and list them in your bibliography. See below: ‘What is an argument’*.- Explain your argument and relevance of any empirical examples: -This section can involve agreeing or disagreeing with a key perspective, author or set of ideas from section 2;-It can involve introducing new ideas or concepts or new suggestions and argument, but they must be explained and clarified;-This section can involve drawing together key approaches, ideas, perspectives to synthesise debates. 4. Conclusion- State what you have achieved, by summarising the key points made in your essay (you may have between 3-6 points).- State clearly how you have answered the question.- State clearly how you have used any empirical data; what you have either proved or disproved and/or what you have raised as further questions and issues.- Overall: State which authors or what theories and perspectives you agree with or disagree with, state the outcome and the implications for this question. – Make sure you have addressed and answered the question!- Of course, your viewpoint needs to be informed by academic research and ideas.It is therefore about how you can show the reader what your views are and how you have engaged critically with the topic being discussed. You can do this by building an effective and persuasive argument for your reader.Your argument can help you plan the structure of your work and guide you to find the evidence you need to support it. orMake sure that your argument runs throughout your writing and that everything you include is relevant to it. Try to sum up your argument in a few words before you start writing and keep checking that it remains the focus as you research and write your work. Requirements: .doc file