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Instruction:The following assessment contains two compulsory parts A and B. Yo


Instruction:The following assessment contains two compulsory parts A and B. You must answer both parts. The word limit for this assessment is 2,000 words (+/- 10%). List of references is not included in the word count. You need to follow Harvard Referencing style Assessment Topic: Drawing on your reading of the case “The US-China Trade War” you are required toA) Critically evaluate the current and future trade relationship between China and the USA. Current means as detailed in the case at the time that it was written – a detailed analysis of the situation presented in the Case. Future is what may happen – a response is required here relating to the future, i.e beyond the date that you are writing your answer, although you may also want to discuss events post 2019, when the case was written, for a fuller and better answer.B) Based on political, economic, social and technological (PEST) factors, discuss the potential impact of this trade war on the functioning and development of the global economy. Your answer must include a discussion of the current impact of Covid-19 for both Part A and B based on your independent research. You basically have one question with two parts. You should consider allocating 60% word count -for part A and 40%word count for part B.
Requirements: .doc file