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there are 93 medical conditions and techniques listed belowwrite 200 words minim


there are 93 medical conditions and techniques listed belowwrite 200 words minimum for each, like in the attached example. = TOTAL see the attached example and write on the blank templateNO PLAGIARISM!(10 total files)File name – week 2Oxygen therapy- (be sure to know the different oxygen delivery systems ex: masks)AsthmaCOPDInfluenzaPneumoniaPulmonary tuberculosisPulmonary EmbolismFile name – week 4Normal sinus rhythmSinus tachycardiaSinus bradycardiaSupraventricular tachycardiaAtrial fibrillation/Atrial flutterPremature ventricular complexesVentricular tachycardiaVentricular fibrillationVentricular asystoleHeart blocks (3 types)Heart failure (types)File name – week 5HypertensionArteriosclerosisPeripheral arterial diseaseAcute peripheral arterial occlusionAneurysm of central arteriesPeripheral venous diseaseVenous insufficiencyVaricose veinsFile name – week 6GERDHiatal HerniaBarrett’s esophagusGastritisPeptic Ulcer Disease (stomach and duodenal)Dumping syndromeFile name – week 7Intestinal obstruction (mechanical and nonmechanical)Irritable bowel syndromeHerniationHemorrhoidsMalabsorption syndromePeritonitisAppendicitisGastroenteritisUlcerative colitisCrohn’s DiseaseDiverticulitis and diverticulosisCirrhosisViral hepatitis (different types)CholecystitisPancreatitis (acute and chronic)File name – Week 8IncontinenceCystitisUrethritisUrolithiasisPyelonephritisAcute and chronic glomerulonephritisPolycystic kidney diseaseHydronephrosis and hydroureterDiabetic nephropathyChronic kidney diseaseFile name – Week 9HypopituitarismHyperpituitarismDiabetes insipidusSyndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormoneAdrenal gland hypofunction (adrenal insufficiency)Hypercortisalism (Cushing’s disease)Hyperaldosteronismhyperthyroidismhypothyroidismthyroiditishyperparathyroidismhypoparathyroidismdiabetes mellitus (type I and type II)File name – Week 10Alzheimer’s diseaseParkinson’s diseaseMigraine headacheSeizures and epilepsy (types)MeningitisMultiple sclerosisSpinal cord injuryTIAStrokeFile name – Week 11OsteoporosisOsteomyelitisFractureAmputationCarpal tunnel syndromeFile name – Week 12OsteoarthritisRheumatoid arthritisLupus erythematosusGoutHIV vs AIDS- (be sure to understand viral load, stages, and opportunistic infections)AngioedemaAnaphylaxisCarcinogenesis/oncogenesis- (be sure to know grading and staging)Infection- (be sure to know precautions)
Requirements: .doc file