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Where did the original inhabitants of North America migrate from? Cahokia was a


Where did the original inhabitants of North America migrate from?
Cahokia was a large trading center located near what present-day city?
What was the first truly complex society in the pre-Columbian America?
Which European country was the preeminent maritime power in the fifteenth century?
Why did Christopher Columbus call the native people he encountered on his voyage “Indians”?
What European explorer gave the Pacific Ocean its name?
What was the encomienda?
Where was the first permanent Spanish settlement in what is now the United States?
What factor is believed to have dramatically reduced New World native populations after contact with the Europeans?
How did Africans end up in the New World between the 15th and 18th century?
What was the result of African slaves outnumbering whites in the Caribbean Islands?
Name four European countries that were involved in the African slave trade.
What is the economic theory of mercantilism?
What did the teaching of John Calvin introduce?
As the Europeans arrived in North America, did the native tribes unite in opposition to the white encroachments on their land?
Once they converted to Christianity did the Pueblo Indians completely abandon their religious rituals?
What was life like for the initial settlers of Jamestown, Virginia?
By the seventeenth century did the Spanish give up their attempt to assimilate the Indians to Spanish ways?
What were the mestizos?
What was the teaching of predestination?
What kind of lifestyle did the Puritans have?
Did their commitment to Catholicism prevent male Spanish immigrants from having sexual contact with the Native (Indian) women? Why?
What are matrilineal families? Was that more common among Europeans or Africans?
Was there a practice of slavery among the Africans before the coming of the Europeans to Africa?
Where was the first English settlement in what is now the United States?
What was true about rice production in the colonies?
Commerce in colonial America relied largely on what?
How were the mulatto (biracial) children viewed in the North American colonies?
The Church of England was the official religion of which colony?
What were “jeremiads”?
By 1776 what was the literacy rate of white males in the colonies?
Which area in the medical field were most women likely to enter?
Were the first Blacks who arrived in Virginia considered as slaves?
Which colony had become a refuge for English Catholics at its beginning?
What colony was involved in Bacon’s rebellion?
In what area of technology were the Indians more advanced than the European colonists?
Why was Anne Hutchinson deported from the Massachusetts colony?
How did the New England Puritans view the Indian society?
Which European country colonized California?
The New York colony emerged from the struggle of which two European countries?
What was the stand of the English Quakers regarding waging war?
Which colony was formed by people who wanted to separate from Pennsylvania?
Did the English colonists believe that it was easier to protect the slaves that they owned or to bring more slaves from Africa?
Which group of people did the original Georgia colony exclude?
What did English King James II do during the Glorious Revolution?
What was the first marketable crop in Virginia?
What was the elected legislative house in Virginia known as?
Following the Glorious Revolution which two individuals came to power as joint sovereigns?
Following the Glorious Revolution in England political power shifted toward which institution?
During the 18th century, which native group was the most powerful in North America?
In which areas was the French Indian War fought?
What was the purpose of the Sugar Act of 1764?
What was the purpose of the Stamp Act of 1765?
Name the person who took the lead in opposing the Stamp Act.
How did the English and the French differ in their view of the Indians?
The Boston Massacre became a symbol of what?
Who was the first person to die in the Boston Massacre? And why is this significant?
Define “impressment”.
How did England try to pay for the cost that was incurred as a result of the wars against France and the Native Americans?
What was the Boston Tea Party?
Name the only colony not represented in the First Continental Congress in 1774.
Why were those trained for military action named minute men?
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