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Assignment ContentOver the last four weeks you have learned about the correction


Assignment ContentOver the last four weeks you have learned about the correctional system, how it functions, and the various populations that it serves. The goal of corrections is not to keep people incarcerated, but to rehabilitate offenders and help them reintegrate into society. This week you will focus on reentry and community corrections programs.Imagine you work for a community corrections agency and you are investigating new program opportunities to partner with. You have been asked to present your findings in your team meeting.Research community correction programs and parole/probation in your state.Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:
Define community corrections.
Identify at least two community corrections programs available in your state.
Compare the need each program is meant to address, as well as the population each is meant to serve.
Explain how each program works.
Describe the requirements to enter and remain in each program.
Explain which program you feel is most effective and why. Provide support for your argument.
Include comprehensive speaker notes. Speaker notes are essentially a script of what you would say to the audience if actually presenting your PowerPoint. If you are not familiar with PowerPoint, there is a place for speaker’s notes in the presentation. If you need assistance finding this place, please let me know.Slides should just contain bullet points while speaker’s notes should include a complete explanation of each bullet point. The majority of your written work should be in the speakers’ notes. If you need further explanation or require technical assistance with PowerPoint, just ask.A good rule of thumb for slide content is the “5-by-5 rule” which sets a goal of 5 lines per slide with 5 words in each line. This is only an approximation. Slide organization may require more or less lines or words. The idea here is not put full passages of text on your slides. If you have questions, please let me know.I do not consider/grade grammar or structure in your case notes. Your notes are not part of the formal presentation (they are part of the assignment but, they are only for personal use). I am just looking at what you would be saying to the audience and if I can understand that, we are good. I do, however, grade grammar and structure issues on the slides because the audience will see your slides.Finally, a really good presentation should be pleasing and/or easy to look at. Avoid shocking colors or colors that don’t contrast well. Yellow on red, for example, is a terrible combination. Most don’t consider red a soothing color and yellow does not contrast well with red. This is not really a graded area, this is just good advice for good presentations.Microsoft Excel is the only format permitted for this assignment. If this presents a problem, please let know and I will work it out with you. APA format is not required for your case notes or for your slides. However, a Title Page Slide and a References Slide are required. These 2 slides are not applied towards the minimum-slide requirement. So, you must submit 8 to 10 slides + a Title Page Slide + References Slide. You can (and should) include an “Introduction” slide. This slide does count.Incorporate at least two (2) sources formatted according to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment.ResourcesCenter for Writing Excellence
Reference and Citation Generator
Grammar and Writing Guides
Requirements: .doc file