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Choose one major oil competitors in your industry. I choose CONOCO. You should


Choose one major oil competitors in your industry. I choose CONOCO. You should investigate this competing company and visit the website for this company and the company info site on Mergent database and You must determine what is each company’s:Background (how large is the company, number of employees, divisions, etc.)
history (this should be fairly complete)
mission and goals,
market share (not share price!), and
financial health (include revenues and profits for the last full year, and any other important financial factors)
corporate talent management philosophy (This is important. So, do some digging!)
other important factors (current news) regarding the company (check credible sources such as Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, and Fortune Magazine – all available online)
Tables and charts that illustrate your points are strongly
encouraged! Be sure to number, name, and cite all
tables and charts. Also, you must refer to them in the body of the paper. (Use
number according to phase as in the chapters in your textbook; i.e. treat of
each phase as a chapter.) Information on how to number and title tables and
figures in APA format can be found in the document (link) at the bottom of this
Also, please include the following in each Phase:Table of Contents, including all headings and subheadings.List of Illustrations, including all tables and charts. (this come after the Table of Contents)
Requirements: .doc file