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MSc. in Tourism/Hospitality/Event ManagementThe Effective Manager Assessment Spe


MSc. in Tourism/Hospitality/Event ManagementThe Effective Manager Assessment SpecificationMethod of Assessment Weighting Individual Research Paper 100% “During this pandemic, leaders … have needed to make swift decisions with far-reaching consequences, communicate effectively to diverse stakeholders, manage resources judiciously, integrate organizational and local demands, and inspire expectations of reliability via authenticity” (Caligiuri, De Cieri, Minbaeva, Verbeke & Zimmerman, 2020, p. 701). Critically examine the above perspective in relation to the changes in leadership and management approaches (e.g. people engagement, strategic agility, managing the organisational brand) required in a crisis situation, highlighting your reading (e.g. refereed journal articles) and using examples from the tourism/hospitality/event sectors to illustrate your answer. RationaleBy carrying out this exam alternative assessment, students will develop a deeper understanding of effective management practices in organisations that are operating in an unpredictable business environment.This exam alternative requires students to undertake a critical examination of the statement, it should address the main issues and areas of debate in the literature, particularly drawing from relevant peer-reviewed journal articles.Individual Research Paper GuidelinesLength of Assessment – 3000 words (+/-10%) (not including title page, table of contents, list of references, bibliography and appendices). Please include the word count on the title page.Assessment must be typed – font size 12; one and a half line spacingSection headings – font size 14 or 16, use of underlining and italics permittedThe paper should include:Title PageTable of Contents with page numbersIntroductionThe body parts ( think up main headings )ConclusionsList of ReferencesBibliography (if appropriate)Appendices (if appropriate)Pages should be numbered consecutively.Tables and diagrams may be used.APA style, add a citation after every two or three sentences
Requirements: .doc file