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please check slide number 5 of the PowerPoint and imagine the conversation betwe


please check slide number 5 of the PowerPoint and imagine the conversation between the two individuals, and briefly post your submission. Make sure to respond to at least two postings of other studentsother two student :::first peer post one :In regards to the image on Slide #5, I imagine the conversation between the two individuals would be very tense. There would also likely have been much confusion due to the language barrier between the two people. I would expect the Conquistador to be very self-righteous, thinking himself superior to the alleged “savages.” The Native American would be defensive and highly offended by the Conquistador, as the Native Americans actually had diverse civilizations and were agriculturally advanced people. The Native American may have met the Conquistador with some curiosity had this been his first encounter with a European; however, I think there would have been a great deal of distrust as well. The Conquistador may have tried preaching ideals of Christianity to the Native American, or threatened to “civilize” them.second peer post : After viewing the power point slide, I think that during this conversation between these two individuals there were many things being spoken about. From looking at the picture there are many things that could have been happening. I think that maybe the conquistadors came to speak to the natives about their culture and want to share it. They were possibly offering to show them their ways of surviving, their culture, people and traditions. However, They could also be having a conversation during war due to the people that are standing in the background. There are many things that could be spoken about, but these are the ones I think were occurring. Requirements: .doc file | Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced