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Task 2: Mini project (90%)Assignment description: The mini project is designed t


Task 2: Mini project (90%)Assignment description: The mini project is designed to test how well students can apply their knowledge acquired in the module in a thorough research context. Another vital aim is, the project would equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with the final project they would undertake in their 8th Semester. Students are free to focus on any Specialisation including HR, Marketing or Accounting. They must, however, select a suitable topic within their chosen area by week 2 or 3 in consultation with the instructor. The project must be mostly quantitative, and the students would be expected to conduct a variety of statistical analyses of data they would gather from different business sectors in Oman. Originality of the research project and its practical value would be key.3) Task 3: MOOC (5%)Complete an online course via any of the links provided on Moodle (You must provide some form of evidence of completion) and write a two-paragraph reflection based on: i. What is the course about? Briefly describe the contents of the course and its learning outcomes. (1 paragraph) ii. What specific skills did you develop? Briefly describe the key skills such as analytic, time management skills etc. (1 paragraph)Assiginemnt guidline on pdf fileSelf reflection on word file (for task3)Project flie (i give some tutor to finish my work and he did not finished he start only on task 2) you can start from he finish on this fileI will send sample of assignement later Requirements: .doc file