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Answer ONE question ONLY from the four questions listed. Your answer to this que


Answer ONE question ONLY from the four questions listed. Your answer to this question should be no more than 1000 words. Question 1 Explain how the theory of social positioning can help us understand both the nature of the firm and the nature of the modern corporation. Question 2 What is a corporation? In answering this question address at least one of the following claims: (a) the corporation is a positioned community, (b) the corporation is a legal fiction, (c) the corporation is a person. Question 3 ‘While it is taken for granted today that profit oriented communities can be corporations this only became a possibility via a prolonged and highly contested political process’. Discuss. Question 4 ‘In order to bring multinational corporations under the control of regulatory bodies it is necessary to stop treating them as if they are human beings’. Discuss. reference You are not expected to reference as you would in a coursework set over several weeks. You are not expected to provide footnotes or a bibliography unless the instructions on the front state so. If referencing the work of others, you should always acknowledge the author. Typically, this is done using parenthesis like in the Harvard referencing system, using a date where possible or necessary e.g. (Everett, 2020). If you are directly quoting an author, you should place the quote in ‘inverted commas’ and state the author’s name as above