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DO BIOMATS REALLY WORK ??Biomats are an effective substitute for painkilling dru


DO BIOMATS REALLY WORK ??Biomats are an effective substitute for painkilling drugs such as aspirin because the heat from the far infrared rays dilates the blood vessels increasing circulation, releasing tension and soothing aching muscles. Health practitioners and clients have also reported: Improved immune system.If you have ever heard of the BioMat, you are probably wondering does the BioMat really work. The answer to this question actually lies in your own experiences. Have you ever been sitting at your computer, feeling sluggish, tired, and depressed? Have you found that a simple walk in the sun helps your mood immensely? Even a quick shower can be relaxing and uplifting. These are the sorts of things that bio-mats emulate. It uses infrared heat, negative ions and amethyst to bring the revitalizing science of nature into your home. But how exactly does it do that? And how do you know that it really works?First, the BioMat uses infrared heat; this is the same heat that comes from the sun. In fact, far infrared heat warms us the most and penetrates deep into our bodies to heat our cells and blood vessels. This helps blood flow and carries oxygen more efficiently. The infrared heat in the BioMat is the same effect as natural sunlight.And the BioMat doesn’t stop there. It also creates negative ions, which naturally occur by the ocean, under waterfalls, and even in your own shower. The movement of wind and water are two natural ways in which negative ions are produced. Negative ions make us feel energized and rejuvenated; positive ions make us feel sluggish and lethargic. Homes and office buildings typically have incredibly low negative ion counts, while mountains and oceans have the highest.Finally, the BioMat uses amethyst to amplify the effects of far infrared heat and negative ions. Amethyst has been proven to serve as an infrared conductor and produces ions. Like a magnifying glass, the amethyst layer increases and amplifies all of the BioMat’s benefits, creating an atmosphere of energy and healing that mimics that of nature. Amethyst also helps remove what doesn’t serve the body.Ultimately, the BioMat does what the sun and the earth do: it creates heat and energy, directs it into your body via a natural superconductor (amethyst), and allows your body to work at its fullest potential, moving oxygen and other nutrients through your blood to the places that need it the most. So, if you’ve ever felt refreshed by a summer day walk or a cool, refreshing waterfall, then the BioMat will work for you!*******************************************************I also copied the words for this from another website.Your pets will love the BioMat … and they instinctively “know” it is good for them!We strongly encourage you to place a waterproof cover on the BioMat before any pet uses it. This protects your BioMat from fluids, hair and dander.
Using the BioMat technology for pets can help them eliminate toxins, as well as be an element of preventive care.
As their owner, you are providing a tool that feels good to them – you may have to encourage your pets to move over (or off!) so you can use the BioMat!
The powerful combination of the triad works in a couple of different ways for pets: 1) if your pet is hyperactive, a BioMat treatment may help calm them, or 2) if your pet is low-energy and lethargic, the BioMat may boost their energy and regenerate them.
We suggest starting with lower temperatures in the beginning and increasing the temperature and duration over time.
Invest in the best for yourself and your pets!
Requirements: .doc file