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Produce an illustration of a stage performance.Project-Based Activity Objectives


Produce an illustration of a stage performance.Project-Based Activity Objectives:Produce an image to represent your ideas for a on-stage performance.Assignment Instructions:In this activity, create a visual of your ideal stage set up for a performance.Think about how artists like Travis Scott, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé set up their performance stages, so that their audience can be fully immersed in their performance. First, brainstorm and select your ideal performance setting finds a location and consider the performance and staging options in that venue. What would that look like? You can either draw the stage by hand or use Adobe Illustrator or another free online illustration tool like Google Slides, or Consider rendering it in 3D if you can. Think about the setting; choose the colors, layout, props, and lighting to create the vibe for your ultimate performance. Remember to think about your audience community, your artistic persona, and type of music you are going to be playing when designing your set.Be creative with your submission and have fun with your stage set up.Here’s what that assignment should have:The stage design has a clear title and annotations are used to note key information.
The document has a clear venue location address.
The submission provides a clear depiction of stage direction, including where the audience sits, and where you (the artist) perform.
The concept and theme is obvious, and the design is relatable to the concept of the performance.
The layout is presented neatly and thoughtfully.
The floor plan is presented in an organized and easy to understand manner, digitally or physically.
Sources are recorded for all content collected from other sources that are not your own unique work. Fair use is considered in the composition.
To complete this assignment: Must submit assignment in (.jpg, .png, .gif) of the design. Make sure to add any info describing the setting.Attached are some examples of the assignment.! Requirements: .doc file