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1. Original discussion post must be submitted before 9.00 am on Tuesday (1/12) P


1. Original discussion post must be submitted before 9.00 am on Tuesday (1/12) PST :Original Discussion Post:Answer TWO of the following questions related to the Week 1 and Week 2 topics of the linguistics class :1.The study of language is important to all social sciences as well as human biology as well as other areas of scientific investigation. Why do so many areas of study have an interest in language and human communication in general?2. Under what type of circumstance (s) have you had the most problems have with your linguistic performance? Explain why you think you had these problems.3. Has anything about your personal linguistic competence that was subconsciously known before you began taking this class become consciously known to you now? Explain.4. Why has English become the most commonly spoken second language in the world today?5. How might Internet communication, text messaging, and other electronic means of communication be influencing general language change throughout the world?* Your original discussion post should be 200-250 words long for each.2. RESPONSE TO THE POSTS OF YOUR 2 CLASSMATES- must be submitted before 9.00 am on Friday (1/15) PST:Follow these steps to write the discussion response:1. Read all the posts of your classmates.2. Find a classmate who has not received a response to his/her post yet. You CANNOT respond to an original post which has already received a response if there are still some posts that have not received a response.3. Just as you would during a spoken discussion, write what you think about the ideas of your classmate. You can add more ideas to the points that your classmate has made, or write a different opinion in a polite manner.The response to each post should be 100-150 words long.////////////////////I can send you other classmates’ posts after I receive the Original Discussion Post. To avoid the second rule from part 2 (You CANNOT respond to an original post that has already received a response). I would like to receive the comments in a few hours. Thank you.Week 1 and Week 2 topics and resources of the linguistics class are below…A. Watch the following video that explains the relationship of a proto-language, early human migration and the creation of new languages: Watch the following short video clips about the history of languages:Part 1: The History of Languages 2: Constant Change 3: Mother Tongues
Requirements: .doc file