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1. Read the study cases, answer the four questions. Total need at least 400 word


1. Read the study cases, answer the four questions. Total need at least 400 word count. (I will send you the reading cases)2. creating good multiple choice questions with four answer choices based on the cases (1 question per each case, 2 questions in total/include the answers).Study case #1 Opening Case: Is China Dumping Its Excess Steel Production?QUESTION 1: Provide an overview of the current situation in the global steel market. As a steel producer from the United States, how do you feel about the dynamics described in the case? If you were a steelworker in the United States, what would be at the front of your mind?QUESTION 2: Why would Chinese steel companies be willing to sell their product at a loss? Though it has created a negative response from the U.S. Commerce Department, discuss the possible reasons that this strategy might be pursued.Study case #2: Closing Case: Sugar Subsidies Drive Candy Makers AbroadQUESTION 1: Reflect on the U.S. policy on sugar. As a producer, how do you feel about the policy? Does your opinion change if you are a candy manufacturer? What is your perspective as a consumer of candy and other products containing sugar? As a displaced worker in Ohio, how do you feel about the policy? Should a government protect a few at the expense of many? Is the policy fair?QUESTION 2: Why do you think the policy on sugar in the United States is so heavily slanted towards sugar producers at the expense of candy manufacturers and consumers? What can manufacturers do? What does your response tell you about the benefits of free trade?
Requirements: .doc file