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Assignment 1:…Spend time goi


Assignment 1:…Spend time going through the interactive materials – let your interests lead you! Gather the facts about your site visit and then use a critical lens to think about how what you have learned is important/has influenced the US today. Use journalist questions to help you. For example:Who lived in this site?
What was their life/experience/culture like?
When was this happening? What else was happening in the world at this time?
How did this culture/event relate to or influence early US history?
Step 3: ReportAfter visiting your virtual field trip site, use the questions above to help you write a 2 paragraph summary (about 15-20 sentences) describing what you learned. Make certain to write in complete sentences and not to simply answer the questions listed above and make certain to post the URL to your field trip site.You will also need to create 1-2 thought questions related to your visit. A thought question is something that helps others think more deeply about a topic. For example if you are visiting medieval Europe, you might have a question like this:How do you think religious beliefs influenced people in medieval Europe?Assignment 2: a 250-500 word initial post and present your interpretation of the document and the material to which you have been introduced. You can do this by following the guiding questions in the Document Tutorial Page. Avoid a summary. You must also comment on how this person’s story relates to the concept of “Other” that you’ve studied about in the previous pages. This is due by: Thursday, 11:59 pm.
Respond to at least 2 other classmates’ interpretations (250 words). Your response is due by: Sunday 11:59 pm.
Make sure you read the additional instructions in your announcement under week 2 regarding this assignment. You must utilize in class sources and cite them properly in your interpretations and responses. At least one of your responses has to be for a different document from your own.
Avoid direct quotes, particularly long direct quotes. Instead, you should paraphrase or use your own words and cite the reference. This will lower your turnitin score.
Make sure you upload as a file in the next section right after you post in the discussion section below.
In what ways does this document challenge what you have been taught about Christopher Columbus?
What responsibilities were Ferdinand and Isabella allotting to Columbus after he “discovered” and “conquered” the land he found?
Final part after completing these two assignments:Write 2-3 paragraphs reflecting on something that you learned or was new for you in this week’s content, make sure to use your own words. Be very specific and make sure you proofread. You will be able to write it directly on this page. You will not be able to move onto the next module until you have completed this. This will be graded as complete or incomplete (or 10 or 0). You must get at least a 7 to get a complete. If your score is less than satisfactory then it will be considered incomplete or otherwise zero points. Do not include anything regarding your document interpretation.
Requirements: .doc file