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AMAIZING OFFER GET 25% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER CODE FIRST25 features a modern-day re-invention of the work of the Griots of Western Africa which has been in place since Medieval Times. These people were born to a family of griots, learned to be musicians from childhood, and traveled from town to town to share stories, history and news. What kind of music do you hear? What do you hear that might not traditionally be called music, but might be music in a broader definition of music? What else stood out about this? Note: I start learning music, so you do not need to answer professionallyAfter that, write a reponse to this paragraph thoughfully: The Gregorian chant sound in the modern languages, instead of the original Latin, sung by real practitioners sounded very similar to the original in terms of the tone of the music itself. However, the lyrics had a very different feeling from the original Latin chant. Where the original did not have a very big change in dynamics throughout the chant. I felt that the newer version did have slight changes in that. Also, I did not get the same feeling I got from the original, which was a feeling of calm and reverence. In modern languages, this chant did sound more like a prayer and worship compared to the original version. Something that stood out to me in this video was how little some of the “traditions” of this chant has changed. Like, for example, even in the original chant mostly men are the ones singing. As well as the fact that there is no strong beat throughout the chant. Another note: totally, you write two paragraphs (one for video and one for a reponse) Requirements: .doc file