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Paragraph 1 (at least 3 sentences): -background info on your topic, your argumen


Paragraph 1 (at least 3 sentences): -background info on your topic, your argument/opinion-last sentence is your thesis where you state your purpose or what you want the person to whom you’re writing to doParagraph 2 (5 sentences):Appeal to ethos–> write a paragraph that introduces yourself to the audience makes them like you, trust you, laugh with you, or find you interesting. Show them your character as it relates to the topic.Paragraph 3 (5 sentences):Appeal to logos–> Hit them with some facts or truths. You may use your own experience. You may also borrow from the Esselstyn “Plant Strong” video or Waters or Bittman articles. If you do, use small quotes only and give the author credit by putting their last name in parentheses at the endof the sentence like this (Waters).Paragraph 4 (5 sentences):Appeal to pathos–> Make the audience feel an emotion about your argument. You could use words or share a story that’s inspirational, sad, or angry. Do what you think would make your overall purpose happen.No conclusion necessary.
Requirements: .doc file