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Part 1 : PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MIX THE PART 1 AND PART 2 ! Use files attach


Part 1 : PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MIX THE PART 1 AND PART 2 ! Use files attached below answer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1-10 below. Number your responses to the FAQ 1-10, and submit them in this assignment. Do NOT copy and paste information in the link to answer the questions; you must paraphrase the information (use your own words). FAQ ( ANSWER FILES ATTACHED BELOW ) it’s not essay!! so please list the number of each questions answer 1. What’s the purpose of this class, and how will it benefit me in other classes–and outside the classroom? 2. Why is Modules the “class bible”?3. How will I learn accurate due dates for all assignments?4. Do I have to complete all assignments to pass this class?5. I noticed that there are weekly Zoom meetings at 6:00 PM every Tuesday; do I have to participate in these Zooms? What will happen if I have a work conflict or time conflict because I live in mainland China and cannot Zoom?6. You require students to publish their essays in the “town square” of the public discussion forum. In this “town square,” students also have to evaluate four essays in detail and respond to all evaluations of their essays in detail, demonstrating that they’ve read the evaluations very carefully. And you evaluate every essay in the discussion forum. In your evaluations, you may ask students questions and give them tasks to complete. If a student does not respond to your evaluation and to peers’ evaluations in detail, then you will deduct points from that student’s essay grade. Why do you teach and grade in this very non-traditional way? May I see the rubric you use to determine essay grades?7. How long does it take you to grade the essays that students submit, and where do you post your notes about essays and points earned?8. What is your late assignment policy? 9. What textbooks will be we be using, and do you have office hours at West during the winter semester? Oh, and what’s the best way to contact you?10. Do you understand that you are in a five-week course, completing work that students have 16 weeks to complete during the fall and spring semesters? Are you prepared to accept this workload and submit assignments on time per directions? Do you understand that you need to be aware of due dates in advance by clicking on assignments in Modules and learning due dates for essays, peer evaluations, Zooms and short essays–and that an excuse like “I forgot to check the due dates” is not a good one?PART 2 :PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MIX THE PART 1 AND PART 2 ! SHORT ESSAY: 250 Words (one page)1. Explain why people might use one kind of reasoning instead of another: deductive instead of abductive or inductive, abductive instead of deductive or inductive, and inductive instead of deductive or inductive. Please do NOT copy or paraphrase any sources without proper attribution. Requirements: .doc file | Essay | 4 pages, Double spaced