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(PICK ONE, 2/3 PARAGRAPH ANSWER) Textbook Questions (post an initial answer to o


(PICK ONE, 2/3 PARAGRAPH ANSWER) Textbook Questions (post an initial answer to one these seven): Textbook Ch 16, 17, 18, 19How and why did sharecropping become the primary means of organizing labor in the South? In what ways did the sharecropping system introduce changes and how did it perpetuate the old economic system?
Who were the Redeemers? What means of intimidation were used to silence Republicans in the South?
Did the Congress provide the basic tools and freedoms that southern freedmen needed to make their way in the world? Why or why not? (You may use Ida B. Wells pamphlet on lynching to support a “why not” stance on this question).
Would redistributing confiscated property to freedmen have made a significant difference in the outcomes of Reconstruction? Explain.
Why did Northern Whites abandon Reconstruction? Explain.
Describe the common activities in the South that prompted Ida B. Wells to begin an anti-lynching campaign in the 1890’s?
(PICK ONE, 2/3 PARAGRAPH ANSWER) Answer one of the questions on the Mississippi Black Codes (#8-12 below): Black Codes of Mississippi1.What kind of labor systems evolved in Union occupied areas of the South during the Civil War? What similarities to these new labor systems do you see in the Mississippi Black Code?3.Using the Mississippi Black Code, define “compulsory free labor.” Utilizing information from the Code and the textbook, on what grounds would you criticize this system if you were a freedman?4.Does this black code provide for the welfare and protection of the children of freedmen? What were some of the grounds on which freedmen could be indicted in the Mississippi Black Code?5.In what ways is the system proposed in the Mississippi Black code preferable to the situation portrayed by Wells in her pamphlet?
Requirements: .doc file