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Strategic Planning (D-W1) According to HR management expert John Bratton, “Strat


Strategic Planning (D-W1) According to HR management expert John Bratton, “Strategic human resource management is the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization to improve performance” (Bradley, 2014). Understanding the organization’s strategy is a key component in planning. Although some organizational strategies may not be published, one can make business assumptions regarding strategies based on available information. For this Discussion, you will become familiar with the role of HR as it relates to HR strategy formation and planning. By Day 3 of Week 1 Based on this week’s readings and your own academic research, respond to the following discussion questions/prompts: • Explain the role of an HR audit as it relates to strategy formation. Describe one benefit of an HR audit. • Explain the role of the organizational mission and vision in creating an HR operating plan. • Suggest how the results of a gap analysis directly impact HR strategy and organizational strategy formation. Provide one example. By Day 5 of Week 1 Respond to at least two colleagues’ posts with support for their ideas or by suggesting alternatives. Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message.