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TaskUsing the case of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD, produce a repor


TaskUsing the case of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD, produce a report style essay that evaluates the following areas of the firm’s internationalisation activity through the theoretical perspectives covered in the module:Using the I-R framework, examine the internationalisation strategy of BYD since its foundation. With the focus being on consistency / inconsistency of the strategy as it evolved over time, identify firm’s past and recent key decisions and implications of those decisions for BYD’s performance BYD’s resources and capabilities. Reflect upon the nature of BYD’s resources and capabilities to evaluate whether the company was able to overcome disadvantages typically associated with the Emerging Market Multinationals (E-MNCs). To enable comparison, build upon cases of BYD’s operations in other developing and a developed host market to evaluate strengths/weaknesses of BYD’s proprietary resources and capabilities in these marketsConsider the entry mode decisions of BYD, including the use of joint ventures, alliances, or mergers and acquisitions. You should select two instances where you can evaluate and learn from BYD’s failure and success. Your narrative should provide answer to key questions about the firm’s chosen entry modes in relation to its goals and success/failure to enter foreign markets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internationalisation strategy OF BYD AND THEN DO CRITICAL ANALYSIS ON IT.TOTAL WORD LIMIT 2500 WORDS // HARVARD STYLE REFERENCINGI CANNOT UPLOAD THE LECTURES SO I DID IT IN DRIVE INSTEADPLEASE LOOK THE materials FROM HERE… Requirements: .doc file | Essay | 10 pages, Double spaced