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Based on what you have read in Chapters 1-2, can you tell me how data analytics


on what you have read in Chapters 1-2, can you tell me how data
analytics applies to your current or future role? What value can data
analytics bring to your position? Please share your thoughts.
Respond to the post of at least two peers, using 100 words minimum each.
initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so
the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and
cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but
feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion].
[Your initial post should be at least 450+ words and
in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double
spaced). Post the actual body of your paper in the discussion thread
then attach a Word version of the paper for APA review]Chapter
2 introduces the basic principles of reasoning in the form of deductive
and inductive reasoning. It shows how it is possible to go from general
assumptions to specific conclusions (deductive reasoning), and how
deductive reasoning can lead to empirically testable conclusions. This
chapter also shows how to go from specific observations to general
assertions (inductive reasoning), a process that can be used to test
empirically testable conclusions, and ultimately the assumptions that
lead to them. Finally, Chapter 2 emphasizes sources of bias in inductive
reasoning, specifically focusing on selections bias. Deductive and
induction reasoning, and their application to data samples, serve as a
foundation to almost all of the remaining topics in the textbook. Requirements: .doc file