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AMAIZING OFFER GET 25% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER CODE FIRST25… THIS IS THE BOOK AND I NEED CHAPTER 1-5 DONE AND PLEASE FALLOW THE DIRECTION BELOW THIS ASSIGMENT IS EASY AND NO OUTSIDE RESOURCES IN YOUR OWN WORDS READ THE CHAPTERS AND SUMMERIZE AND YOUR REACTION THATS ITThere are two sources of written, textbook material for this course:1. Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking (2012).Text Chapter Summaries are reoccurring assignments in this course. For each of the first five modules a number of chapters from these texts will be summarized in written form, including a short section of reaction or application at the end of each summary.These summaries comprise a total of 100 pts. for the course, 20 pts for each of the five assignments throughout the course.The assignment:Main part for each chapter: Given the assigned chapters, write a single-spaced summary of the content of those chapters, one chapter at a time. The word-length for the summary content should be between 150 and 200 words. The Second part for each chapter: Include a 50 to 100 word reaction/application section at the end of each chapter summary, also single-spaced, and considered part of the summary. Reactions defined: Anything about that chapter topic that comes to mind that is relevant to speech-giving.Application defined: Using the concepts in principles in that chapter to plan, evaluate, or prepare your upcoming speeches.Submission Method:
These should be separate documents, one summary per document. Keep them in a MSWord, Text doc, or PDF for the submission. Recognize that there will be 5 each module. Module 1’s assigned chapters: Chapters 1 – 5 in Speak Up.
Here is a graphic to illustrate its simplicity:… HERE IS THE BOOK AGAIN Requirements: .doc file | Essay | 5 pages, Double spaced