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NEEDS A FEW CHARTS Any topics are welcomed as far as they are related to (i) Jap


NEEDS A FEW CHARTS Any topics are welcomed as far as they are related to (i) Japanese economy (ex. effects of Covid-19 crisis on unemployment rate) or (ii) specific Japanese companies or industries (ex. Recent developments of Japanese XX industry) Choose a topic that interests you. ? While it is not requirement to get credits, I strongly recommend you to use actual data. Download actual economic data, make charts and tables by yourself and show them in your paper. If you want to get A+ or A, do NOT just copy and paste charts from other papers. Make it by yourself! ? If you make charts/tables with spread sheets such as Microsoft Excel, submit all Excel files you use as well as your original essay file. These will be an evidence that you make them by yourself. ? I will give additional points to an essay of high quality such that, for example, (i) an analysis is well organized and and/or (ii) charts are visually nice. (a standard structure of your report) 1. Introduction (Explain why you choose your topic. Show your motivation. Briefly describe the data ) 2. Fact findings (show charts and tables and describe developments objectively. 3. Raise factors/reasons behind the facts you find in Section 2. 4. (optional) Show your own forecast or discuss desirable policy measurements. This section is optional, i.e., Section 2 and 3 must be essential parts “=body” of your paper. Your argument of this section should be based on and consistent with Section 2 and 3. 5. Conclusion (summarize your arguments)