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Scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have issued dire war


Scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have issued dire warnings about the potential impacts of climate change on human security. After years of states struggling to form a binding global agreement to mitigate these future impacts, a breakthrough occurred in December 2015 at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris. Countries, including the biggest emitters—the United States and China, agreed on a new plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. However, questions still loom large about its implementation. Consequently, this discussion examines climate change, its impacts, and the role of different actors in addressing the issue. In this module’s readings, Reveron and Mahoney-Norris introduce the issue through their broad discussion on environmental security, and Barnett and Adger’s article examines the relationship between climate change, human security, and conflict. Lastly, Parenti offers a case study of the current effects of climate change in Afghanistan. As you read and discuss the questions below, carefully consider how political, economic, and social factors may interact with environmental factors and what role various actors play in causing or addressing issues related to climate change. Based on the readings, write a response paper answering the following questions (450 words minimum): What are some environmental impacts of climate change? How do other factors (political, economic, and social) interact with these environmental factors to create insecurity for people and potentially lead to conflict? What are the roles of different actors at all levels (community, national, regional, international) in mitigating the effects of environmental issues? Do more developed countries have an obligation to assist less developed countries in addressing issues related to climate change? tropic of chaos chpt 9