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Being more mindful can have many advantages! Read the article on the Benefits of

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Being more mindful can have many advantages! Read the article on the Benefits of Mindfulness. Benefits of Mindfulness – HelpGuide.orgConsider the following, in your opinion, how is mindful leadership beneficial? Think specifically about the proven scientific benefits of mindfulness, leadership and mindful leadership. This may require some additional research.Explore Chapter 3 of your Mindful Leadership text (Gonzalez, 2012) and the article on the many Mindfulness Exercises you can try on your own. You may also think outside of the box by exploring some Mindfulness Apps – Mindful and Insight Timer are some good places to start!…Think about how you might apply some of these exercises in the workforce, especially as a leader. Specifically, think about your particular career field. Can these be applied there too? Why or why not? What other Mindful Exercises could you deploy?Take an opportunity to practice some Mindfulness Exercises via this guided video.Be prepared to discuss its benefits and to reflect on your thoughts, experience and feelings! In a 2-3 page essay, (1) discuss your thoughts on how mindful leadership is beneficial, including what has been scientifically proven, (2) discuss how you might deploy some of the mindfulness exercises of the article, especially in your field/workplace. Finally, based on Step 3 (mindful exercise video), (3) discuss your thoughts and experience engaging in mindfulness exercises. Be sure to discuss how beneficial it was to you, and the extent to which you now feel more mindful. Your essay should contain properly formatted citations and be free of spelling/grammar errors.
Requirements: .doc file