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Choose one option, should be APA format, 250 words. Option 1: Today, most langua


Choose one option, should be APA format, 250 words. Option 1: Today, most language researchers believe that children everywhere arrive in the world with special social and linguistic capacities that make language acquisition not just likely, but inevitable for virtually all children. How much of the language is biologically determined, and how much depends on interaction with others, is a subject of debate among linguists and psychologists. How do babies learn language? Would Piaget agree with you? Why or why not? Option 2: Temperament involves individual differences in behavioral styles, emotions, and characteristic ways of responding to life experiences. It reflects both genetic influences and learning during one’s early years. Thomas and Chess developed a model of temperament that described three distinct styles: easy, slow to warm up, and difficult. How would you describe your temperament as a child, according to this model? Were you like your mother or your father, or were there environmental influences at play? If you have siblings, was your temperament similar to or different from theirs? Explain your answer.