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Complete the following four sentences to describe your proposed topic:I am exami


Complete the following four sentences to describe your proposed topic:I am examining [state problem] because [tell why it is a problem. What happens if the problem is not addressed? Compromised patient safety? Increase in costs? Legal consequences? Other?] I will examine [state the factors which directly relate to the problem] using [state precise units of measurement]. Example: I will examine variance in cost by dollars, length of stay in days, variance from baseline via percentage, et cetera.)
This project will add value to [type of organization or name] by [how it aligns with an organizational need].
This project aligns with my professional interests and career goals by [how it adds value or has relevance for you personally].
List six authoritative sources. Reflect upon your statement of the problem, and list six current, authoritative sources that are directly related to your problem. Note: Sources which are considered to be current have been published within the last three to five years. Authoritative sources are peer reviewed. Examples of authoritative sources may include government websites, industry accrediting bodies, peer reviewed scholarly articles, et cetera.Before submitting your initial post, ensure it is free of grammatical errors or APA formatting mistakes.Submit this post as early in the week as possible to give your colleagues a chance to provide feedback. You will have to use this feedback in the second discussion in this unit.
Requirements: .doc file