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Directions:1. View the video


Directions:1. View the video (Links to an external site.)2. According to the video, if you are a board member of a corporation, who do you owe your loyalty to? Please respond to one of the following questions: Is there a difference between the company, the shareholders, or to society at large?
As business executives, can you engage in actions that are not illegal and that might help the company but you are personally offended by on moral grounds?
Do you find a difference between the two or three different scenarios presented in terms of how you would react? Why?
3. Post your answer below.4. Reply to at least two of your classmates using the discussion grading criteria.To read and respond to other messages, follow these directions:
Click the title of a message that you would like to read.
Read the message.
After you finish reading, you can do one of the following:Click the Reply button if you wish to reply. This will open the message composition window, and you can type and submit a reply just as you did when you posted your introduction.
Click the OK button if you don’t wish to reply. This will return you to the list of messages in the forum.
Remember to follow the Online Communication Netiquette. (Links to an external site.)Make sure all of your responses are respectful and contribute to a friendly and helpful learning environment.
Requirements: .doc file