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I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.Make a comparison be


I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.Make a comparison between Canadian and USA estate Law, Estate Taxation or some other aspect such as family law or powers of attorney. 2-3 paragraphs are sufficient. Include your references.Maybe challenges due to demogrpahics, culture or COVID 19 as an example.Professor example. Estate Tax (none in Canada, but USA has Estate tax…see link below) are protected by Article XXIX B (8) of the Canada – U.S. Tax Treaty which provides that:If, at the time of death, the entire worldwide estate of a Canadian resident (other than a U.S. citizen) does not exceed $1.2 million US, the U.S. will only impose estate tax on property for which, on disposal by the owner, any gain would have been subject to income taxation by the U.S. This includes American situated assets such as real estate, stock portfolio and taxable personal property (car, boat & furniture).A tax credit (this is deducted from any taxes owing) called “The unified credit amount” for U.S. residents is $4,417,800 for 2018 ($2,141,800 for 2017), which is equal to the tax on a $11.18 million ($5.49 million for 2017) estate. The unified credit available to Canadians is prorated based on the ratio of U.S. assets to the total worldwide estate.In Canada many types of registered and non-registered assets may be deemed disposed of at death and thus taxable (unless a spousal roll-over is possible re tax delayed to death of second spouse). For example, a stock portfolio may be deemed sold and this Capital Gains tax can be charged (FV – ACB = CG X 50% tax :formula).
Requirements: .doc file