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I need an explanation for this Nursing question to help me study.I need help spi


I need an explanation for this Nursing question to help me study.I need help spicing up a paper, a lot is written but needs to be organized and possibly fixed. I need references if possible. Rubric is posted at the bottom.Pediatrics is the specialty in the medical field that relates to working with children. I was fortunate enough to work with the small ones at Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles. Childrens hospital (CHLA) attends to children with primary and acute infections in Los Angeles and its environs as well as the world at large (“Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – Pediatric Hospital Treating Children in Southern California,” 2020). These patients included newborns and children in need of acute medical care and physical rehabilitation. I have a 11 year old daughter which helped me through the different stages for the growth and development in children during the term. During my rotation at CHLA I was able to experience different age groups on the 5th, and 6th floors. Along with an adventure with the IV team throughout the entire hospital, which was my favorite. I was able to see different ethnicities/cultures and different ages. Some of the kids were fortunate to have their family/loved ones by their side and some were relying on the hospital and teams to nurse their needs. Learning about the FACES and FLACC scale helped me assess the different ages and their need of pain medication/comfort methods. Professor Dyer had taught me that FLACC scale is used for infants while the FACES may be used for the ages of 3 and up. One thing that challenged me was the vital signs for the different ages and knowing what is normal versus what may be elevated. Learning from Professor Dyer in theory and applying with Professor Harris was mandatory. I am so fortunate I got to experience PEDS and at Childresns hospital. I am blessed and excited to pursue my career as a nurse with high possibilities of ending up with children. My heart was full caring for the kids, and being able to constantly absorb new information kept my brain thinking. It was the best experience for, and while my cohort may have felt helpless/hurt my heart fell full and the feeling is unexplainable. Working besides the IV team, I was able to follow three different nurses in one day which consisted of a team of two. I was able to see all different procedueres, and was able to be part of a code. I witnessed a 12 year old boy who was told he had leukemia and was getting a lumbar puncture, I assisted throughout the procedure. Professor Dyer taught us that side lying, C shape was the correct position, and sure enough that was exactly how I was able to assist with this young boy making sure he did not jerk when the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) was draining. Listening to the team was so inspiring from the child’s specialist who told jokes to ease the young boys mind, to the doctor telling the boy to relax, and the nurse practitioner doing the procedure and explaining to me about cloudy vs non cloudy cerebral spinal fluid. This was my most memoriable day at CHLA. From this point on I felt the heart to pediatrics and specializing with the babies/children who may ned me most. The most brave, resilient and loving kids. RUBRIC: 1. Reflects on current theory class and clinical and how courses support each other (transfer of knowledge to apply to clinical)- Focused to Current Term. 2. Synthesizes theories and concepts from liberal education to build an understanding of the human experience. 3. Uses skills of inquiry and analysis to address practice issues 4. Applies knowledge of social and cultural factors in the care of populations encountered in this course. 1. Reflects on providing holistic patient care to populations encountered in this course. 2. Describes inter-collaborative involvement (i.e. Inter professional rounds; consultations and interaction with PT/OT; Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacist consultation—describe their role/ contribution.) 1. Describe an event that demonstrates: • application of leadership concepts, skills and decision making in the provision of high quality nursing care, • healthcare team coordination • the oversight and accountability for care delivery 2. Describe an event that demonstrates leadership, appropriate teambuilding and collaborative strategies to effectively implement patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within the context of the interprofessional teamReferences Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – Pediatric Hospital Treating Children in Southern California. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. (, 2020). Retrieved 16 November 2020, from
Requirements: .doc file