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I need help with a Political Science question. All explanations and answers will


I need help with a Political Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.There are 20 standing committees in the House and another 16 in the Senate. Just about all the legislation that reaches a final floor vote in either house is a product of those committees and their numerous subcommittees. Your assignment is to prepare a brief profile of a standing committee of your choosing.Your profile should describe the committee’s purpose, recent agenda, legislation that has passed and failed during the past or current Congress, and the responsibilities of some of its subcommittees.You might find these websites helpful in your research:…*****IMPORTANT!!!!!Avoid long quotes and lists of proposed legislation, subcommittee names, or areas of jurisdiction. Pasting in a paragraph from constitutes neither research, nor good writing. If you’re going to discuss subcommittees and jurisdictions, then discuss them. Don’t list them.
Tell us why what your writing about is important. Discuss the impact of legislation that is under consideration or has been passed by your committee. Discuss why the committee or subcommittee’s jurisdiction is important to the American people.
The word legislation is inherently plural. You should not say “a legislation.” You might say “a piece of legislation” or “some legislation.” If you are referencing a single piece of legislation, you could say “a bill,” a “law”, “a proposal,” or something along those lines, as appropriate.
The paper is required to include a Works Cited page that includes all the sources cited in your paper.
Spelling errors, incomplete sentences, missing words, and capitalization errors demonstrate a lack of attention to your work and will cost points.
Numerals should be used for numbers greater than twelve. Zero through twelve should be spelled out as words, numbers 13 and higher are numerals. Percentages, monetary amounts, and dates are always numerals.
There should be no extra space between paragraphs.
Requirements: .doc file | MLA | Essay | 2 pages, Double spaced