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I need support with this English question so I can learn better.I.Instructions:F


I need support with this English question so I can learn better.I.Instructions:Four (4) pages in response On TREVOR NOAH, BORN A CRIME: One of Trevor Noah’s continuing problems in growing up as a mixed-race child under apartheid was his ‘identity.’ He was never sure ‘who’ he was, or ‘which group’ he fit in with. Discuss Noah’s struggle with self-identity as it is developed in these first four chapters of the memoir.1- The essay should be double-spaced, with one inch (1”) margins all around. Type your name, our course, and the date, and double-space down and begin.2- ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS BELOW: A. TREVOR NOAH, “BORN A CRIME”:1. What are some of the difficulties that Trevor and his mother face under apartheid?2. Discuss the relationship between Trevor and his mother, and some of the incidents that demonstrate the nature of that relationship. 3. Discuss the role that language plays in Trevor Noah’s experience of growing up in South Africa. B. NOVIOLET BULAWAYO, “HITTING BUDAPEST”:1. What are some of the difficulties these children are faced with?2. Who is the woman the children meet, and why are they angry with her?3. Who is the other woman the children see, and what do they plan to do with her, and why?Remember: This Essay Assignment is not a ‘book report,’ but a critical analysis. Do not tell me what each author says, or what happens in the story
Requirements: .pdf file