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I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.Conduct some research o


I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.Conduct some research on Emotional Intelligence and how it is being used in the workplace. You can see some useful resources:………Write a research paper in which you answer the following:What is Emotional Intelligence? Define key term and provide APA referencing. You shall use your creativity to explain from visuals and graphs. Is the Emotional Intelligence of employees important for employers to know and understand? Why or why not? Give your own perspective if you agree or disagree but ensure you do use other sources to claim it. For instance, if you disagree, is there any book, journal or paper to support. Use its reference that I agree with that paper. Similarly, if you agree that it is important, support your claim with academic reference. What is your Emotional Intelligence? Were you surprised? This paragraph should be about your experience. Tell us if you are surprised or shock. You agree or disagree. You can always use personal examples to explain. Even if you agree with the score. If you did more than one EI test, was there consistency in the outcomes? In case you do two tests, tell us about consistency factor, if you do one test, explain why you think one is fine? What is the key element that you learned about yourself in this exercise? Please ensure you are more presentable and creative. Use a table or SmartArt to show your learning. Perhaps, you can use visuals too. The structure should be as following:A title page (containing your details, course description, instructor’s name, assignment number and so on). 1. Introduction: (Define key terms – remember concepts are the abstract form of reality). 1.1 Aim of paper: (Explain your aim of the self-exercise like what you are doing?. Example: ‘to investigate the emotional intelligence and essential considerations’)2. Emotional Intelligence (EI):2.1 Emotional Intelligence (EI): Explain your perspective here.2.2 Emotional intelligence at workplace: Explain your thoughts or perspective. 2.3 Importance of Employees’ emotional intelligence: Write your arguments. 3. Self-exercise and assessment:3.1 My own test and Emotional Intelligence: Write all your perspectives and views
Requirements: .doc file