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I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.Behaviors serve one o


I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.Behaviors serve one or more functions, i.e., to gain access to a tangible, to gain attention, self-stimulation, and escape/avoidance of demand. Analyze the following three graphic data displays.Please respond to the following:In the graph below, identify the probable function of the target behavior. Identify the level of the target behavior for each antecedent.
Based upon the information you have gained from your visual analysis of the graph, discuss how you would address the behavior based upon the function.
In the line graph below, identify the level and trend in the data during baseline and during intervention. Discuss the change in level upon beginning the intervention with regard to extinction programs? Discuss the procedure for such a situation.
Jeremy’s self-stimulatory behavior, pulling his hair while twirling it, occurs throughout the day. His parents and day care teacher have been recording data on the occurrence of the behavior and the settings/circumstances in which it occurs. Review the line graphs below. Identify the settings/circumstances in which Jeremy’s self-stimulatory behavior occurs most frequently from a visual analysis of the data. Compare the levels with regard to the settings in which the self-stimulatory behavior occurs. Hypothesize a possible antecedent for this behavior and discuss a possible antecedent modification to reduce this behavior.
Through visual analysis of the line graph (below), determine whether the behavior has reached a “steady state.”
Discuss the importance of allowing baseline data to reach a steady state before beginning the intervention?
Requirements: .doc file