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I’m studying and need help with a Business Law question to help me learn.Allison

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I’m studying and need help with a Business Law question to help me learn.Allison operates a pizza establishment and has run into difficult economic times. Just when Allison feels that her business was finally going well, a new pizza place opens nearby. Allison cannot stand the thought of again facing bankruptcy of a business that she has worked so hard for. Allison contacts the suppliers of the new pizza place and tries to convince them not to deal with the new place. The credit worthiness of the new restaurant is lied about, and the moral character of the owner called into question. What torts has Allison committed? What defense(s) might she assert? What ethical issues are presented by Allison’s behavior? How can they be resolved?Thoroughly explain your answer. Fully describe the applicable laws and then apply them to the material facts. Explain your analysis. If you make assumptions of fact, fully explain them. Remember to address every reasonable legal issue fully.For Assignment 2, a simple essay format is acceptable. Write at a university level, being thorough and scholarly at all times.Click on the “Week Two Assignment” link above to submit your Assignment, as well to get more information.
Requirements: .doc file