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I’m studying for my Law class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you h


I’m studying for my Law class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?1. In “Beyond the Standard Human?” Stephen Epstein explores the concept of the “average person” and its historical development. According to Epstein, where did the “average person” concept come from and what are some problems with its use in biomedical research? What solutions have been proposed? Cite specific examples. 2. In “The Pain Scale,” Eula Biss examines the complex relationship between numbers, pain, and meaning. Why does Biss find the numerical pain scale to be unequal to the task of understanding and communicating her pain?3. Biss writes in a somewhat disordered and and chaotic style, relying on the numbered sections of the pain scale to give her essay an organizational structure. Why do you think she uses this style? What effect did it have for you, as a reader?4. Eva Kittay describes the gifts and burdens that came with her daughter Sesha’s genetic diagnosis. She writes that the diagnosis changed everything and nothing about her relationship with Sesha. What does she mean? Cite specific examples from her piece.Your e-response must be at least 400 words total. Thank you!
Requirements: .doc file | MLA | Discussion | 2 pages, Double spaced