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I’m studying for my Supply Chain class and need an Chain Proc


I’m studying for my Supply Chain class and need an Chain Process for Service-Based Businesses.A work-in-process outline of your Portfolio Project is due this week. Having committed to the Portfolio Project, Option 1, continue to work on and expand the outline for the three businesses you have chosen.Incorporate into your high-level Portfolio Project paper the key elements related to the each of the numbered items contained in the instruction of the Portfolio Project, Option 1. Continue to conduct scholarly research on supply chain concepts and topics covered in the course so far, and consider how you are going to apply those concepts to Portfolio Project.Submission Requirements:Provide a detailed outline, and include a title page, an introduction, and a reference page. Add citation references supporting your key element items to the Portfolio Project reference list.
As always, format your submission according to the CSU Global Writing CenterIv attached the first Milestone but I didn’t pick 3 businesses.Here were the notes that I received from my professor: Jamie,
You shared difficulties companies are experiencing due to COVID, but you were asked to share the names of the companies you plan to research and give an overview of the companies. You did not list the names of the companies you plan to research, nor did you give a brief overview of the company.
Dr. H
Requirements: .doc file