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I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need support to help me

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I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need support to help me and society online .SOC 334: Technology and Society/ 10 Assignments Total(Please submit a 60 days time limit offers)Required TextbooksPRINT – Gemelli, M., & Jackson, D. (Eds.). (2019). Technology & society. (5th ed.). (n.p.): McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN 9781264030859 (Referred to as T&S in Course Schedule).Writing AssignmentsFree WritingFree writing is all about exploration of ideas and getting them down on paper. Free writing allows you think critically about the readings, lectures, and other content. In these free writes, you don’t have to worry about grammar, complete sentences, or too much organization (students will need to meet some criteria to earn full points). The point is to get the ideas flowing and provide you with complete drafts that will build up to your final polished writing assignment, the Public Service Announcement. The number of free writes and point allocation are noted below. Details on each free write are available in the course site. Polished Writing Public Service AnnouncementAs noted above, the free writes assigned in this course will contribute to your final polished writing assignment, the Public Service Announcement (PSA). Students will decide on a technology and society topic, conduct research on that topic, and then write out a short PSA script. This final PSA will need to be grammatically correct with complete sentences with correctly cited research and references formatted in APA. The point allocation is noted below and specific details are available in the course site.Discussions Technology and society topics and issues are incredibly debatable! Many experts have differing researched opinions on various topics involving technology’s impacts on our social worlds and with these discussion boards, you will contribute your own researched opinions with one another. While you are encouraged to free write ideas on the discussion prompts, your final discussion responses will need to be polished. Your responses will need to be grammatically correct with complete sentences with correctly cited research and references formatted in APA. The number of discussion boards and point allocation are noted below. Details on each discussion are available in the course site. QuizzesSyllabus QuizAll students enrolled in this course are required to read the Syllabus. This quiz ensures you have reviewed all of the important information contained in this Syllabus. Content QuizzesWe have a lot of interesting information in the course that is important to comprehend. Content quizzes based upon the readings and other materials covered in the course are designed to test your knowledge of the the content. The number of quizzes and point allocation are noted below. Details on each quiz are available in the course site.Quiz InformationQuizzes should be taken on a computer with reliable high- speed internet access. Regardless of where you take the quizzes you should have a back-up plan in case something should occur with your regular computer. Always leave enough time to get to another computer if an issue arises. Problems and/or technical issues that are not system wide events are not valid reasons for a make-up or extension.If you experience technical issues before or during your quiz click on the Help button in the course site. Please make sure to get a ticket number with your correspondence. You must take the quizzes in one sitting. You are not permitted to partially complete the quiz, log out, then log back in at a later time and complete it. You are only permitted one chance to take the quiz.Feel free to use your textbook and notes to help you with the quiz. Make sure to take the quizzes independently and not in collaboration with others – this constitutes cheating!You will not be given the questions you missed and/or the correct answers. If you want feedback on the types of questions you missed, you can email the TA within three days after the quiz’s deadline. Inquiries past this date will not be considered.Submitting AssignmentsAll assignments, unless otherwise announced, MUST be submitted to the designated area of Canvas. Do not submit an assignment via email.Assignment due dates follow Arizona Standard time. Click the following link to access the Time Converter to ensure you account for the difference in Time Zones. Note: Arizona does not observe daylight savings time.AssignmentPoint ValueFree Writes(4 @ 10 points) 40Discussions(3 @ 20 points) 60Public Service Announcement(1 @ 40 points) 40Content Quizzes(3 @ 20 points) 60Total200Grading ScaleGradePoints RangeA180 – 200B160 – 179C140 – 159D120 – 139E0 – 119Extra CreditIf an opportunity for additional extra credit arises, information will be posted via “Announcements”. Individual requests for extra credit are not considered.Course Schedule* ModuleTopicReadings, Videos, & LecturesWhat’s DueDeadline(11:59pm)0-1Jan. 11-19Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Jan. 18 – NO SCHOOLFoundational Ideas and Theories of Technology and SocietyT&S Section 1 Foreward and Section 2 (except for “Still Evolving”)FMG Video #43343 “Can we have unlimited power? A history of energy”Talks at Google “Kate O’Neill: Tech humanism: The future is meaningful”Academic Integrity Agreement Syllabus QuizOur Tech World DiscussionTues. Jan. 19th2Jan. 20-26WorkEducationT&S Sections 3 and 4 (except for “Khan Academy”)TED Talk “DK Osseo-Asare: What a scrapyard in Ghana can teach us about innovation”FMG Video #41697 “Disconnected: A month without a computer”Work/Education DiscussionContent Quiz #1 (quiz available Sun. Jan. 24th)Tues. Jan. 26th3Jan. 27-Feb. 2Family & Interpersonal RelationshipsT&S Section 6PA Part I Digital and Mobile MediaFree Write #1Tues. Feb. 2nd4Feb. 3-9Family & Interpersonal RelationshipsPA Part II Digital Media and YouthFree Write #2Tues. Feb. 9th5Feb. 10-16Social Networking & IdentityT&S Section 7PA Part III Digital and Mobile Media and Family Education (except for Chapter 9 – do not need to read until Module 7)PBS Video “Generation like”Free Write #3Content Quiz #2(quiz available Sun. Feb. 14th)Tues. Feb. 16th6Feb. 17-23Security & PrivacyGlobalWar &TerrorismT&S Section 9 (8 and 10 are optional!)Video “The Global Information Technology Report 2015″TED Talk “Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters”TED Talk “Yasmin Green: How technology can fight extremism and online harassment”Free Write #4Security/Global/WarDiscussionTues. Feb. 23rd7Feb. 24-March 2HealthFutureT&S Sections 5 and 115 ways technology is transforming the healthcare industryPA Chapter 9TED Talk “Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology”The TED Interview “Ray Kurzweil on what the future holds next”Public Service AnnouncementContent Quiz #3(quiz available Sun. Feb. 28)*Tues. March 2nd*LAST DAY OF CLASS!
Requirements: .doc file