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I’m working on a communications question and need a sample draft to help me lear


I’m working on a communications question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Prepare a presentation to analyse how health care professionals might need to use different forms of communication with their clients at different stages in the life. Ensure you include verbal and non- verbal methods and refer to the communication cycle. Give examples in your presentation of how listening skills can be used effectively in a health and social care setting. Your presentation will last 15-20 minutes and will commence on. You may use slides – you must not use more than 12 slides with no more than 25 words per slide. Analyse ways in which verbal and non-verbal communication enables a communication cycle to operate between individuals of all ages. Communication cycle 1 An idea occurs:  You have an idea that you want to communicate. 2 Message coded:  You think through how you are going to say what you are thinking.  You put your thoughts into language or into some other code such as sign language. 3 Message sent:  You speak, or perhaps you sign or write, or send your message in some other way. 4 Message received:  The other person has to sense your message – they hear your words or see your symbols. 5 Message decoded:  The other person has to interpret or ‘decode’ your message (i.e. what you have said).  This is not always easy, as the other person will make assumptions about your words and body language. 6 Message understood:  If all goes well then your ideas will be understood but this does not always happen first time! Requirements: .doc file