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I’m working on a management discussion question and need support to help me lear

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I’m working on a management discussion question and need support to help me learn.DB Expectations:Students are expected to participate in the online Discussion Board (DB) in Blackboard throughout the week. Timely postings are very important because they catalyze discussion. Prompt postings enhance contributions that build dialog by giving classmates adequate time and flexibility in adding responses and reading others’ posts.If your post includes information gleaned from another source, provide the proper APA citation for that source and an active link if possible. Push sourcing for validation throughout your postings!Please view the DB rubric located in the gradebook for more information.Discussion Board Criteria:Initial postings should be 250-350 words (written or verbal), cite references in your initial postings (either the textbook and/or an outside resource), use proper APA and grammar, and the discussion should be at a critical level. Each student replies to the instructor’s initial discussion question(s) with a substantive post which is one where you contribute your ideas, add new information, pose questions, offer personal experiences to illustrate a point, or demonstrate that you understand and can apply to the course content.———————————————–Week one DBResearchers often study topics of great personal and professional interest. When writing articles and results, the researcher does not use the word “I”. Why is this important? How will you approach your own research writing without using “I”?
Requirements: .doc file