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School counselors have many opportunities to collaborate and consult with many d


School counselors have many opportunities to collaborate and consult with many different people and organizations. Sometimes, school counselors will reach out to stakeholders for support. At other times, stakeholders will reach out to them for their expertise and guidance on school-focused, student-centered, developmentally appropriate issues and concerns involving mental health issues. For this Discussion, you will examine collaboration and consultation for counselors and how school counselors can successfully embody these two roles. To prepare for this Discussion:Review the Learning Resources.
Analyze the similarities and differences between collaboration and consultation for school counselors.
Review the ethical expectations for school counselors involving providing and receiving consultation.
Post the following in the Discussion:Identify and describe a scenario in which a school counselor could serve as a consultant or a collaborator.
In your post, include how you might address this scenario using one consultation or collaboration model included in the text.
Describe 1 ethical responsibility that a school counselor would need to address in the scenario presented by your colleague.
Describe 1 potential ethical dilemma that may need to be considered in the scenario presented by your colleague.
Required ReadingsDougherty, A. M. (2014). Psychological consultation and collaboration in school and community settings (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.Chapter 1, “The Foundations of Consultation and Collaboration”Chapter 12, “School-Based Consultation and Collaboration”
Requirements: .doc file